Rebecca F.

Oh my God, In The Now Weddings is such an amazing team. I only had three months before my wedding when I got them involved. You see, we had been trying to do it on our own until time came when we knew that we already needed to get a professional onboard. We contacted In The Now Weddings and believe it or not, they are very affordable. They worked closely with us to truly understand what we wanted. And when the big day came, they surprised us with the kind of service that they delivered!

Scott L.

My now wife has been a very chill bride. I was the groom-zilla. However, I think one of our best decisions was really getting the service of In The Now Weddings. They really helped us a lot and calmed my nerves big time. Because of them, we were able to enjoy ourselves during wedding and let them do all the dirty work. For those planning to get married, I absolutely recommend hiring In The Now Weddings. They will definitely save you a lot of wasted efforts and are truly worth their weight in gold. Such a great team.

Stella C.

In The Now Weddings is the best decision that we have ever made. You see, they really did everything to make sure that we had a beautiful wedding. The thing is, it was not just the setup that was beautiful. It was all about the little details such as the kind of plates used, the cutlery, the design of the invitations, the little ribbons on the glass stem. Taken all together, they made for such a beautiful look and feel that made our big day truly beautiful and memorable. If you want a great wedding, always choose In The Now Weddings!