Are you interested in getting the services of In The Now Weddings? We will be very honored to help you turn the wedding of your dreams into reality. We offer wedding planning services that is according to your requirements and budget.

Full Service Wedding Planning

Do you need full support in your wedding planning? Contact us and we can help you. We offer full wedding services that will encompass the conceptualization, sourcing of suppliers, all decision making in relation to your wedding and on-the day coordination support. We offer our full expertise in terms of determining the look and feel and theme of your wedding, contacting and negotiating with supplier, planning all related events and more. Anything that you require for your wedding, we are sure to deliver it, GUARANTEED.

Day of Wedding Planning

If you prefer to do everything on your own and only require help on the day itself, we can also do that. We will be happy to provide coordination on the day itself, after thoroughly running with you all wedding related activities. Rest assured that with us, you never have to worry about things going awry.

Hourly Wedding Planning

Do you need help for specific aspects of your wedding? Do not hesitate to get our help. We offer our service by the hour so that you get the support that you need when you want it. Do not be afraid of getting in touch because that is what we are here for. What’s more we can also connect you with specific suppliers as we have long standing relationships with them. Just let us know what you need and we will do our very best to provide it.

Always remember that In The Now Weddings is always here to support you for all of your wedding related needs.